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PaanShots are perfect for an after meal delight,they are usually eaten after a meal to aid digestion and freshen the mouth

The PaanShots Story:

Mukhwas has been used as an after meal delight for centuries in the Indian sub-continent. They are usually eaten after meal to aid with digestion and also as a mouth freshener. Mukhwas is primarily sold in small plastic bags. The PaanShots guys noticed that most of their friends and families were hesitant to open the pouch of Indian Mouth freshener in public places, especially at work, movies and the mall. Some managed to eat it, but were not getting the full benefits of Mukhwas because of the ingredients like fennel, coriander seeds going stale after the bag has been opened for a while.

Like several million Mukhwas eaters, the founders of PaanShots found themselves missing out on the benefits of Indian Mouth freshener. So they embarked on a journey to perfect an all-natural Fresh Mukhwas - the first of it’s kind - that would not only taste fresh when you open it for the first time, but stays fresh until you are done with it. The result is PaanShots, a refreshing Mukhwas in airtight trendy bottles with a longer shelf life.

PaanShots is fun way to enjoy the mouth-freshening and digestive benefits of Indian Mukhwas. Our product is made with the freshest ingredients from India. Carry it in your pocket, in your purse, in your hand-bag, in the glove compartment, backpack, briefcase, and practically any where else. Perfect for Movies, Long plane rides!, at work and during shopping. Share it with your Friends, Families and Colleagues and spread the freshness and benefits of Fennel, Anise, Coriander,Saffron,Bay leaves and other natural ingredients.

PaanShots are available in 1.5 oz shot in the great-tasting flavors like Sava mix, NRI mix, Navratna mix, Rajwadi mix, Sweet Saunf and Surprise Mix.

Now, all you have to do is open the re-freshness.

Improving Digestive Functionality
Remedy Bad Breath
Improve Vision
Combat Nausea
Treat Asthma
Relieve Respitory Ailments
Decrease Blood Pressure